I grew up in Owatonna, Minnesota, and have lived there ever since. God allowed me to grow up in a Christian home with two parents that loved the Lord. From a very young age, I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ from my church and parents because the Bible was important to them. One very windy and stormy afternoon when I was five years old I was out on an errand with my mom. I was very afraid of the weather and realized that I was not heading to heaven if I were to die from the tornado-like storm. I knew I would go to hell and be punished forever for my sin. We headed down to my basement where I told my mom I knew I was not going to heaven and asked her how to get there. Once again, she shared that Jesus’ sacrifice is the only way to get to heaven, and I repented of my sin and trusted in Jesus there in my basement.

My parents enrolled me in a Christian school the following fall, which I attended from Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Christian school was a good option since I have no siblings. I was able to make some good friends through school, but not all of them pushed me to follow Christ. Throughout my high school years, I did not always show a proper interest in spiritual things. Things changed my junior year when I realized God was more important than the idols in my life and that I should do everything in life for Him.

In the fall of 2014 I attended Maranatha Baptist University and graduated in 2018 with a BS in Biology. During my time at Maranatha, I also dual-enrolled an MA in Bible. During my time there, I learned many lessons about working with people, the great need that we all have for the gospel in our lives, and what our motive should be as we serve God. I also was able to work at the Wilds Christian Camp in NC as a counselor for the past four summers, helping to point kids and teens towards a proper standing with God. We all have failed miserably because of our sin, and Jesus died for every person. I learned the importance of viewing every individual as a soul in desperate need of saving, rather than just someone else living their life on this earth. This shift in perspective contributed towards my joining the Frazor team in August of 2018. I am so grateful for the abilities God has given me and seek to use them in music ministry and as the teen evangelist. Through my ministry platform on the team, I desire to clearly communicate the gospel with teenagers and see them make quality decisions to live their lives for Jesus. Lord-willing, souls will come to Christ through our ministry.

~ Daniel

Daniel Kroll

Daniel Kroll

Teen Evangelist