Are you ready for Mission Incredible? Every week our team holds nightly meetings for your children! Mission Incredible is a showdown between the Agents and the Detectives (also known as the boys and the girls). This exciting, top-secret mission includes games, prizes, stories, songs, and a nightly message from God’s Word! Your kids won’t want to miss out!

No wimps allowed at the Cola War! We will be playing games that will stretch you to the max, both physically and mentally. One such battle is called Slam It (It’s kinda like tackle football… just without the football. Contestants run around tackling each other until only one person is left standing. Other games include Don’t Crack the 6-pack and Tube Tug. Our featured competition Spoke Tackle (America’s Roughest Race). Spoke Tackle is basically a normal foot race, with one exception:┬áit’s full contact! That’s right! Anything goes in Spoke Tackle. You can push, pull, shove, slide, trip, tackle, clothesline, take-down, body slam, half-nelson, full-nelson, Willie Nelson (whatever that means), smash, pound, clobber, and smack-down. Just make sure that you’re in the top three to cross the finish line in order to win points for your team.